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Overall Construction


Reno Conveyor's Performance Line Shaft Conveyor (PLSC) is engineered for small bundle handling and load accumulation.

PLSC is a line-shaft driven roller conveyor. The rollers are driven using friction drive spools on the drive shaft. The friction drive is created with a tension belt stretched between the roller and spool. As the shaft turns, so turns the rollers. As the load stops, so does the turning roller, allowing the spool to free turn on the shaft. Additional loads can then accumulate behind the first load, which will stop in the same manner as just described. Loads can be stopped with an optional physical barrier, or with optional pneumatic brakes.

PLSC is available with optional adjustable leg stands to set the working height for comfortable, ergonomic conditions. This also allows the conveyor to be set at the required height at the feed end of the conveyor. Height differences between the beginning and ending of the conveyor line can be adjusted through out the length of the line. Optional mobile casters are also available.

Reno Conveyor PLSC is a very reliable and durable conveyor. Like all fine Reno Conveyor products, PLSC uses precision laser cut parts for exact fit and function. This is a very low maintenance conveyor and applies the most advanced safety designs and features.

Between Frame Dimension 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48"
Lengths 1'-0" - 1'9" On 3" Increments
2'-0" - 10'0" on 12" Increments
Top-of-Roller Height 28" - 64" (Add 5" For Mobile Caster Set)
Drive Capacity 500 lb/unit
Conveyor Speeds 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 Feet-Per-Minute (FPM)
Gearmotor Rating 1 HP Flange Mounted Hollow Bore
Air Requirement 25 PSI (For brakes if used)
Frame All-bolted steel construction
Drive Shaft 1" Diameter
Drive Spool 1" ID Delrin Spool
Leg Stand Precision Laser Cut And Bent With Slotted Holes for Non-Incremental Adjustability
Rollers 1.9" Diameter Grooved Rollers, 7/16" Hex on 3" centers
Frame Guards On Exposed Shafts As Required
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