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What are acceptable forms of payment?
We Accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express
Do you accept PO's / Net Terms?
With Approved Credit. Must have acceptable Dun & Bradstreet report and at least three tradeline references
What are your freight terms?
All freight is shipped FOB factory in Indianapolis, Indiana. The ZIP code is 46235
Can I send a truck to pick up my order?
Yes. Click HERE for a Google Map to our location. Make sure the trucking company knows to go to the NORTH LOADING DOCKS for loading.
Who is your preferred carrier?
For shipments that fit within package delivery parameters, we ship UPS
Will you ship using my FedEx account number?
What about shipments that exceed UPS package delivery dimensions?
We will get quotes for LTL delivery. We work with many LTL freight companies and typically call for quotes and get the least cost shipment to your location. If you have a preferred LTL carrier let us know.
How heavy is this conveyor?
It depends. A section of gravity is a couple hundred pounds. Add a three phase motor and the weight goes up significantly.
Will the trucking company unload the conveyor for me?
Not typically. Ensure you have personnel available to unload the truck.
What colors can I have the conveyor painted?
Standard color of Reno Conveyor equipment is machine gray. Other colors are available for a $250 setup and painting charge. Click Here for a palette of available colors
Do you offer powder coat on your conveyor frames?
Will you ship it to me unpainted?
No. Some commonly used parts are fabricated in advance depending upon production scheduling. We primer parts prior to storage because the part can rust while in storage.
What's the electrical requirements for the motor?
For all shipments to the 48 contiguous USA States. Three phase 460V. Amperage depends upon the motor size.
How much weight can your conveyor support?
That depends upon the length, width, and the rollers used. If you are unsure about your application contact us first.
How much maintenance is needed on your conveyor?
Depends upon the type of conveyor. Gravity requires little maintenance, powered conveyor does need adjustment and PM's from time to time.
Who do I call for parts?
Call Reno Conveyor at the number above or email parts@renoconveyor.com. All parts used in the fabrication of Reno Conveyor are available. We don't discontinue parts so you'd buy new conveyor every few years.
What are you selling on eBay?
We're selling our more commonly sold, non-customized sections of conveyor painted machine gray. We also sell some odds-and-ends industrial parts.
Do you take PayPal?
Just for the stuff sold on eBay.

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